The World Responds To The Passing Of Dr Myles Munroe & Wife

dr-myles-munroeDr Myles Munroe, a televangelist,  pastor, author, mentor and one of the people who goes on record to have openly opposed the gay rights movement in the Bahamas, has passed away. He has had multiple travels allover the world to give insight on leadership and has spoken at numerous international conferences. In fact, the plane that was carrying him together with wife Ruth Ann Munroe and other persengers was en route to Freeport, Grand Bahama for a conference. He had just recently visited Uganda in an event organized by The Uganda Jubilee Network.

It is no surprises that this tragedy hit Uganda, the Christian community and the world like a storm. Numerous world media, celebrities and public figures rushed in to send their condolences and prayers for his family. Here are a few of those messages.

Musician Cece Winans wrote, “Praying for Myles Munroe Family I know God is faithful and He will show Himself strong in this situation! Nothing takes Him by surprise :-)”

Pastor John Hagee wrote, “Saddened by the loss of Myles Munroe, his wife, daughter & others. We have no fear of death. Our last breath here is our first breath there!”

Paula White wrote, “My prayers & heart go out to the family & friends of @mylesmunroe Dr. Myles & Ruth Munroe, BFMI. He touched my life & the world for God!”

In this tragic moment, many found comfort in sharing some of his quote;

Marcus Lamb of Daystar wrote,

The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.” – @MylesMunroe

Others share that, “The creator hid your future where he knew you couldn’t miss it”

We could go on and on about his works and his ministry and how the whole world responded. The more important thing for any person reading this is to make sure that just like Myles Munroe, we shall work towards like a life that is worth writing about when we are gone. Let us live a legacy, a mark in the hearts of men that will go beyond our generation. Let us live our lives to the fullest while keeping God the centre of all.

We leave you with this quote from Myles, “Don’t die old, die empty” – – Dr Myles Munroe.


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