Poll: What are the most popular music genres in Uganda?

First of all, we are using the term genre loosely to mean style and form because we have already restricted this dicussion to GOSPEL and Ugandan music. This blog post started with a thought. We are trying to find out what the most popular genre is. Please note that this discussion does not necessarily imply that the most popular genre is one used by the most popular  musicians. But, then again, it could be the most popular genre because the most popular artists are loyal to the particular genre.

This is a poll and everyone is entitled to their opinion. We just hope you will participate and share this blog post so that your friends can come and be involved too.

Of course we would like to delve into the definition of the genres we are going to list here.

1. Afrobeat /Kidandali: Hopefully this genre does not need defining.  It is the common same beat pattern and is used by gospel musicians like Coopy Bly in songs like Onsalangako.

2. Dancehall/Reggae: Dancehall is a style that is borrowed from Jamaica and may be sung in Patois or the local language. Reggae was first popularized by Bob Marley. It is a part of the Rastafarian culture. In Ugandan gospel music, singer Levixone employed it in his Jungle hit single and Richy used it in the song True Love. In most cases in Uganda, a Dancehall artist does a bit of reggae to, for example, Phila.  

3 .Hip Hop/Rap: This one may be the popular American Hip Hop kind of musoc or the localised LugaFlow or in any other language as long as in follows Hip Hop and rap forms. 

4: RnB/Soul: This is Rhythm and Blues and may also be done in the local language. Examples of musicians who have done RnB include Hum Kay and Sammi K. By definition, it is “a kind of pop music of African-American origin with a soulful vocal style featuring improvisation.” 

5. Traditional/Jazz/Instrumental Music: We have placed these as one because there is a thin line between them and also, very often the musicians perform some or all of the forms here.

6. Others add in comments section.




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