What people tweeted while at #ComedyMeetsMusic!

ABEL CHUNGU MUSUKA AT SERENA HOTEL We are starting something here where we bring you what people ‘said’ (tweeted) while at an event. Since you already know we love blogging, we will bring you a comprehensive blog post from the micro-blogging social media site, Twitter. This being the first event we are featuring, tell us what you think of the idea at the end of the post.

The concert started with a prayer from Power Fm presenter Brian Mulondo @mbgold2. Then Pablo went on to do what he does best,  that is, cracking ribs with jokes @UgoUganda. IMG_20141101_040811Brian Lubega started off the night with his Nungamya hit @powerfmuganda. According to @Elaine_Onzi,he was killing it. Ben Mwine and wife Rachel Arinaitwe arrived at event.

One tweep @Bobbyspliff, was however wondering how Salvado who was also JazzUphoria posters at Zone 7, could handle being at #ComedyMeetsMusic. The show went on with @PABLO_KenKimuli, coming and cracking a few jokes before introducing new gospel singer Dorah Kay. We @UgGospelLife on the other hand thanked all who braved the Kampala traffic jam to make it to Comedy Meeting Music.

When comedian, Emma Sebakigye got on stage, all @Twonjex could say was “Emma Sebakigye, on rage in the corner for comedy. I guess miss Uganda is still on his mind.” while Emma went on to make jokes about the names of the people we marry being important, @inginanti, said “Is it weird that I am finding these jokes hilarious.” We on the other hand were just thinking how the stage looked nice. All that was thanks to @FenonRecords. Right after that @JackieSenyonjo1 got onto the stage to sing Netaga Gwe which left us yearning for more from her but the show had to go on.

Pablo came back to tell us how in 2006 he died on stage for the first time when he told a joke that annoyed people  more than it made them laugh and the more he tried, the worse it became. While he did this, BRACHA BAND which consisted of two female singers, one of them being Pablo’s wife and two gentlemen, got on the stage. They sung Indescribable and we thought of the performance as indescribable. At this point, @BushPunchliner declared the show to be the biggest comedy show of the year even at just a few hours into the show that started at 7:33 and ended only at a few minutes after midnight. The two female singers of Bracha Band exited the stage as the two gentlemen sung @MaliMusic‘s Beautiful. And they did justice to it.

One of the most memorable acts of the night was a little kid who Pablo introduced as Phil.  He cracked jokes that made him deserving of a standing ovation when he was done. In fact @michaelthyn requested Power fm to bring Phil for Phat Fest 2014. Bracha came back to do a few songs including the famous, Twale. They gave it an African feel as opposed to its originally Rock style. It was exhilarating. Napoleon was one other comedian that gave us our money’s worth before Holy Keane who was shortly followed by Levixone performed. The crowd sung along to both of their songs.Abel Chungu Musuka and Dr Ofweneke from Kenyaki

Honestly, one of the best acts of the night was the new duo of @_ojangole and Laptop. They complimented each other so much so that @byg_tim said the two know everything about nothing. But they made us die of laughter while at it. The only Acapela group to perform at Comedy Meets Music gave us all a reason to believe their mouths and voices were musical instruments such as the guitars, keyboard and drums. They were great.

Ruyonga came on to amaze us with Crossfire, then Ride and finally Muhulire.  All of this and Daniel Omara plus the ZIP UP campaign against HIV/AIDS stigma and spread was what took place before the cake cutting. This happened as @GWAYug sung their Big God song and shortly before the team that organized and participated at Comedy Meets Music lifted Pablo in the air to celebrate 10 years in the industry.

Comedian uncle Bob, Wilson Bugembe and Teacher were the next acts before Abel Chungu Musuka did his first set with songs like Go, We on Fire, and the famous Ichitemwiko which means love in his mother tongue. @DrOfweneke, one of Kenya’s leading comedians and one of the main acts for the night did an amazing job. We’re sure many were left satisfied with his many jokes. He was so funny that @joeljjemba wrote, “Dr Ofweneke.. Stop stop stop….am dying of laughter please stop!!!!!”

Dancehall artist, @MrSobre from Zambia came to light up the stage. We had to ask ourselves if Papa San had come in unannounced.
MR SOBRE FROM ZAMBIA It was an energetic performance that ushered in Abel Chungu Musuka for his second set at Comedy Meets Music. What happened for the period between that moment to the time the show ended was a chance for us to hear the stories behind his songs, album, his relationship with God, God’s love and his ministry. He was straight to the point but said so many profound truths in a way that was easy to consume. It is no surprise that when he had sung his heart out and made an altar call many prayed with him as he led in prayer. In the middle of all of this, he was sure to say how he loved Uganda and that he needed a plot of land to build a home. We took it to Twitter  to ask what his lotahouse teammates Pompi and Mag44 think of it. What was so surprising and yet amazing was when he told of how he walked with Pompi till Pompi gave his life to God.

With that, we hope that you are present at the next event we are attending because we will continue doing this segment of “What People Said On Twitter During The Event,” and you may appear in our next blog post.


2 responses to “What people tweeted while at #ComedyMeetsMusic!

  1. well, i love the concept
    nicely done
    however, there’s a mistake up there, the Canaan gents weren’t the acapella group that performed, i’m not sure which it was, but it wasn’t the Canaan Gents


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