We predict what is about to happen on your timeline!

It is not so often that a Christian in Uganda is kept waiting to find out which artist is going to appear in one of Africa’s best concerts. There has been the “we shall not be doing it again” talk but then they do it again and again and let us just face it, we don’t know what we would do if they didn’t do it again and again.

These are our predictions. Over the next few weeks, your timeline is going to be everything leading to the Power fm organized Phat Fest 2014. First of all, the team will introduce to you the artist who is coming and then as soon as the information comes out, it will spread like wild fire. And guess what will be on your timeline……..  You got it #PhatFest2014 or something along those lines.

By the way, we here at UgGospelLife won’t help it. This is the biggest Christian event in East Africa and if not Africa. It has seen the birth of things like a Mag44 collabo with Sho Baraka. MAG44 SHO BARAKAIt has brought to us singing legends in a plot to celebrate the journey of Ugandan music and introduced some of Kenya’s most interesting artists to the Ugandan crowd. Believe me when I say, like it or not. There is a takeover. It is happening  even now. By the way, thanks for coming to read our blog.

We meet at Phat Fest 2014.


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