What exactly is UgGospelLife???

We have done a bit of blogging in the past and took some time off. We however believe this is the right time to revive the UgGospelLife blog and we hope you will soon find it a good place to be. So, now that you know we will be communicating a lot more using the blog, we have decided to let you know what “Ugandan Gospel Life”  is all about.

First and foremost, we would love to say that just as it is stated in our Twitter Profile, we are all about the promotion of Gospel Music. We added the tag “Ugandan” to our name and sometimes we tend to think it is limiting us. On the contrary, it just implies that we are broadcasting from Uganda to the whole wide world.

We are Ugandan Gospel Life because we seek to capture what takes place in Uganda as pertains to Christian living. What this means is, we share with you the events that are set to take place in Uganda, the music we listen to (whether by Ugandan Musicians or not), the conversations that are worth discussing, church events and sermons. Let us just say, we will help you live the moments in the life of Christians in Uganda. This will include bringing you live updates at Gospel events that we attend. 

It is also obvious that we will join a few causes worth our time and occasionally just chat with you on our timeline about day to day things. Ugandan Gospel Life through the blog will have guest authors and many things that we hope will be of help to those that will come here.

It has become apparently obvious that a lot of musicians, fans, pastors, and people of all walks have embraced the vision. We thank you. We hope that you will utilize this medium to the best. For any information and inquiries, please feel free to send an email to uggospellife@gmail.com

Please like our FACEBOOK PAGE.  It is also under construction.

That will be all for now.


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